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When you're ready for a jaw-dropping performance like you've never seen before, let the amazing mind reading skill of Stephan, Master of the Senses astound you. If you've ever thought about hypnosis and letting someone else control your mind, you've thought about the incredible world of mentalism.

Using the art of reading another's mind, mentalists make unbelievable predictions that actually happen! Mentalism enters your mind for a brief moment through mind mingling and mind jabs. The mind reader at Stephan, Master of the Senses, can read body language and cause things to move, float and change shape.

With mind reading and magic skills, Stephan, Master of the Senses in Portland will impress your guests at any event.

Want a performer for your next corporate event?

Stephan, Master of the Senses is a professional mentalist from Maine that can wow anyone at your next corporate event. He will take you on a captivating journey through exceptional mind reading skills and discovery of the five senses. As a mentalist, he can tell you want song is playing in your head and while blindfolded, Stephan, Master of the Senses can read the taste buds of a thirsty volunteer.

He's even willing to test his mind reading abilities in death defying stunts that prove he can control the thoughts, decisions and actions of another.

Impress your guests with magic and mentalism

Have you thought about wowing your company's guests with a corporate performer? How about adding a unique touch to your wedding with a magician? If you want to impress your friends and corporate partners with one-of-a-kind sensory perceptions, call Stephan, Master of the Senses.

With exceptional mind reading and magic skills, you'll enjoy a unique show you won't find anywhere else. Call 207-576-4289 to ensure an extraordinary mentalist will be at your next event.

My Mind Capivating Shows

SENSEsory Perceptions

A captivating journey of mind reading skills and extraordinary revelations of the five human senses!


Learn people's most intimate secrets and enjoy the show as Stephan brings predictions to life like never before with mind jabs.

MIND Mingling

Close up mind reading and magic happenings in small groups for any event.

Awesome Testimonials!

"Wow. Mind blowing! Is this illusion? Or is this man even human?
Total mind-trip! For real... -Michelle Williams, Bombshell

"SENSEory Perceptions was an amazing mind boggling show. It was truly entertaining and humorous. Definitely worth going to see. Absolutely loved it. -Leo Carney Jr.

"An amazing, mind blowing and fun show! The audience was drawn into the world of the senses. Shocked and amazed. I would not hesitate to hire him again!" -Angel Fisette, General Dynamics

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Bath Iron Works
Bates College
Camp Kawanhee
Casco Bay Lines
Clinton Fair
Double Tree
Hilton Garden Inn
Holiday Inn by the Bay
Fireside Inn
University of Maine
Lions Club
Monmouth Theater
Multi Purpose Center
Peaks Island
Sawyer Memorial
Two Lakes Campground
Balloon Festival
Coca Cola
Carnival Cruise line
Casco bay Cruise line
CMMC Hospital
Core Zero
Dr Wolfe Lasik eye surgeon
Dunkin Donut
International Paper Company
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