MIND Mingling

mind reading up close and personal with stephan, master of the senses

Stephan's tool is the human mind. He'll stand face to face with you and perform the impossible. From a small private party of a dozen guests to a trade show crowd of thousands, Mind Mingling magic fits most any event since it requires no stage. Pick a place: a fancy dinner, an outdoor festival, a cocktail gathering before a show, any event where folks mingle. Stephan works in the crowd and shares his magic up close and personal.

Strolling magic is great. It's flexible and allows you to present entertainment in virtually any situation. It allows him to include all guests, even those that may not be participate in other entertainment opportunities, such as dancing.

You Don't Know What To Expect

You Don't Know What To Expect

Stephan interacts with your guests while performing sleight-of-mind. You'll hear laughter and gasps of astonishment as the sheer mental power of Stephan engages the senses of your crowd.

Experience Stephan