SENSEsory Preception

unlike anything you've ever experienced

Stephan will:

  • read your taste buds
  • hear your thoughts
  • predict your sights
  • sense your touch
  • capture your smell

Entertainment with your senses combined with a dose of non-sense!

Take a walk into the world of your own senses through the performance of magician mind reader, the great Stephan, Master of the Senses. This stunning magic event will take you on a captivating journey with his mind reading skills and extraordinary revelations of all five human senses.

Stephan will tell you a song that plays in your head by mind reading.
While blindfolded, he will read the taste buds of a thirsty volunteer.
Be amazed as he reads spectator's thoughts from across the room.
And that’s just the warm up!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know the actual thoughts and feelings of another? To predict what someone will do before they did it Combining his amazing powers of the senses with powerful and engaging magic mind reading, Stephan keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats.

See for Yourself

See for Yourself

This performance will leave your jaw dropping to the floor. Stephan's abilities are so evolved he even puts his life on the line with a death defying stunt, proving he can control another's thoughts decisions and actions.

Experience Stephan