Stephan's Story

Back when Stephan was a young boy his parents bought him a Rubik's cube. Stephan became extremely frustrated trying to solve this complex puzzle. He lay awake for nights on end wondering if it was even possible to solve the frustrating cube. Then it dawned upon him, he needed to concentrate on five things


Combine them and miracles begin to occur. The Rubik's cube was solved! It was then he noticed his senses were much keener than other children. His sense of smell was like a bloodhound. His mom would buy groceries and, without taking them out of the paper bag, he knew what she had bought by scent alone. His hearing was amplified to an extreme where he heard voices and thoughts in other people's head. Stephans sense had heightened and as he grew he perfected these skills and abilities becoming Stephan, Master of the Senses!

Early career

Stephan become passionate about magic when he was 19 years old. On a spring break trip with his high school friends, he went to a magic shop that blew his mind. He stayed in his hotel room practicing and learning the ins and outs of different forms of magic.

His first few years as a magician was spent fine tuning his magic stunts with his insane ability to read other people's senses. He has turned his performance into a captivating show that leaves people shocked and impressed.


"Stephan is truly amazing! We had the opportunity to see him live and he kept us on the edge of our seats. If you get an opportunity to go see his show, it is definitely worth it!"--Jenna Lake

"Stephan, Master Of The Senses, is available Nationwide. Perfect for Corporate events and large venues. Let Stephan, Master Of The Senses read your mind. Let the Mentalist control you!"--Deb Collins

"Just plain AWESOME."--Patty McGehee Lebel

Personal Life

Stephan was born in 1970. He is a married man with two boys and a girl, Joshua, Evan, and Aryanna. He has been teaching children's ministry for 34 years. His family loves the outdoors and will frequently go on camping and fishing trips as a family.

Stephan is also big into sports. He enjoys playing volleyball, and basketball and has a passion for working out for his own well-being.

He graduated with an art degree and you will find him listening to his music while playing Texas Hold Em' poker with his buddies.

Check out the famous mentalist around the world that Stephan Master of the Senses associates himself with:

Christopher Taylor of Taylor imagineering magic first person met in dealers room at Mindvention such a pleasure!

This guy Peter Turner was not only an unbelievable very powerful mentalist from England was my very favorite act and lecture of the entire Mindvention Convention .He was truly an awesome kind hearted and caring human whom I feel incredibly fortunate and humbled to have met and hung out with Peter.

My roommate Richard Steele professional corporate magician and very good friend from Arizona. Thanks for everything .You rock!

Stephan master of the senses and Rob Gould Magic Castle performer, Hypnotists and funny man.Thanks for the laughs!

Hey everyone look I am hanging out with 2013 Mentalist of the year Luca Volpe!

Meet a great Husband and wife mentalist act Jeff and Kimberly Bornstien.Great time eating at the Thailand restaurant at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

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